Thank You and Happy New Year

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thank you for everything you have done in the last year to support Sierra Club California. You have given voice to the environment in the State Capitol.

Whether you have spent time writing letters to the editor, calling your state legislator, responding to one of our alerts, or just paying your annual Club dues to help keep the Club effective,you have played an important role in protecting California's environment.

With your activism and support for Sierra Club California, together we have accomplished a lot this year. For example, we have:

  • Challenged, in court, the state's lazy permitting of fracking sites, and we continue to press at the Capitol for a moratorium on fracking.
  • Made local solar power more accessible to all Californians.
  • Protected the public and environment from needless exposure to toxics through advocacy that led to California’s adoption of the Safer Consumer Products Regulation in October.
  • Campaigned to establish a national marine sanctuary off the Central Coast.
  • Pushed policies to protect wolves, bobcats and mountain lions, and reduce wildlife exposure to lead.
  • Been among the first to demand that the Governor spend revenues intended for global warming pollution reduction now on reduction projects.
  • Opposed—and continue to oppose—plans to install a pair of 30-mile long, four-story peripheral tunnels to divert water destined for the Delta.

Thank you for helping make 2013 a year when the environment could count on Sierra Club California.

Here's to a sustainable 2014!


The Staff and Volunteer Leaders at Sierra Club California

Sierra Club California is the Sacramento-based legislative and regulatory advocacy arm of the 13 California chapters of the Sierra Club.

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