Water & Wetlands

Water and Wetlands: Preserving a Precious Resource

Sierra Club California volunteers and staff have been a constant reminder to legislators, state agencies, local water agencies, and industrial water users that the state's water resources require careful, environmentally sensitive management. 
We have four critical water policy objectives. They are to:
• Protect wetlands;
• Cut pollution;
• Enhance water conservation; and
• Restore the Sacramento-San Joaquin River/San Francisco Bay Delta.
In recent years, the Sierra Club California has played a role in advancing laws and regulations that ensure that farmers measure and report their water use, and that urban water users around the state are metered. We have also supported legislation advancing the notion that all Californians have a right to clean drinking water. We are working with regulators to develop new regulations protecting wetlands. And we have called on the Governor and legislature to reduce and limit water exports from the Bay Delta to protect the Bay-Delta ecosystem.
Here are links to Sierra Club California fact sheets about water issues:
Sierra Club California volunteers have an active water policy committee. If you are a Club member and would like more information on participating in the committee, click here.