SB 1132 Fracking Moratorium Bill

Senate Bill 1132, jointly authored by Senator Holly Mitchell and Senator Mark Leno, will impose a moratorium on extreme oil extraction methods in California. This includes hydrofracturing, or fracking, and acid well stimulation. 

Join the effort to protect public health, the environment and the sustainability of California's economy. Help pass SB 1132. Write to your state senator today and urge an "aye" vote on SB 1132.

Here's information to help you advance this bill:

Poll shows two thirds of voters would support fracking moratorium

Basic fact sheet about fracking and well stimulation and its dangers

Basic fact sheet about SB 1132

One-page info on fracking with group logos

Link to the legislation (via

Brief outline of SB 1132's key points

SB 1132: Protect California's Water (from Clean Water Action)