The Executive Committee:

The Main Governing Board of Sierra Club California

The day-to-day governance of Sierra Club California is provided by an 11-member governing board of active Sierra Club members. The board, called the executive committee or ex comm, is responsible for managing staff, ensuring that the organization is financially sound, including by raising funds for the organization, and carrying out certain policymaking duties. The policymaking duties include appointing standing committees, including the California Legislative Committee, and taking positions on ballot propositions.
Ten of the ex comm members are elected for two-year terms at an annual convention held each fall. Ex comm members are limited to three consecutive two-year terms, after which they must take a two-year break before seeking office again. The California Nevada Regional Conservation Committee appoints a liaison to the ex comm. The ex comm is led by a chairperson who is elected annually by the convention delegates. You can see names and contact info for ex comm members below.
The ex comm meets monthly by teleconference, except during the annual convention month, when it meets in person. It also has several administrative committees, including fundraising and political committees, which meet periodically. Ex comm meetings are open to all Sierra Club members. Occasionally, portions of a meeting may be closed for executive session to discuss personnel or legal issues.
For more information about how the ex comm operates and governs, see Sierra Club California's bylaws and standing rules.
If you would like to learn more about how you might be active on the ex comm or one of its administrative committees, click here.

Current Sierra Club California Ex Comm Members: 

Chair: Andy Sawyer, Mother Lode (2009-11, 2011-13, 2013-15)
Vice Chair: Eric Parfrey, Mother Lode, CNRCC Liaison (May 2012-15)
Secretary: Mary Ann Ruiz, San Gorgonio (2013-15)
Treasurer: Dan Sullivan (non-voting) SF Bay
Mbr: Gen Anderson, Angeles (2014-16)
Mbr: Carolyn Baker, Mother Lode (2012-14, 2014-16)
Mbr: Olga Bolotina, SF Bay (2013-15)
Mbr: Jono Hildner, San Gorgonio (2014-16)
Mbr: Sally Lieber, Loma Prieta (2014-16)
Mbr: Karen Maki, Loma Prieta (2011-13) (2013-15)
Mbr: Adriano Martinez, Angeles (2014-16)
Mbr: Barbara Williams, Mother Lode (2011-13, 2013-15)