California/Nevada Regional Conservation Committee (CNRCC):

Setting Policy Positions on Environmental Issues for Sierra Club California

The California/Nevada Regional Conservation Committee is a unique feature of Sierra Club California. The CNRCC is composed of up to 58 delegates appointed by executive committees of the 13 local Sierra Club chapters in California, including the Toiyabe Chapter, which contains Nevada and parts of Eastern California. These delegates are responsible for studying issues, developing positions and generally establishing Sierra Club California's overall policies on statewide environmental issues. The CNRCC is also responsible for applying national Sierra Club policies in the state.
The CNRCC is led by a steering committee of eight active members who are elected by the delegates at an annual meeting held in the last quarter of each year. For a list of current CNRCC steering committee members, click here.
The policy positions established by the CNRCC inform the California Legislative Committee, which helps guide staff advocacy at the legislature and before state agencies. The CNRCC also participates with the Sierra Club California Executive Committee in making endorsements of candidates for statewide elected offices and for taking positions on statewide ballot propositions.
In addition to the annual meeting, the CNRCC meets two to three other times during the year. The spring meeting and the fall meeting are held in person, usually in San Luis Obispo. The CNRCC Steering Committee meets every month, including via conference call during months when the CNRCC is not meeting in person. All meetings are open to Sierra Club members. Click here for updates about upcoming meetings.
 If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved in the CNRCC, click here.