Annual Convention


Sierra Club California Annual Convention:

Planning and Executing Strong Environmental Policy

Sierra Club California members and activists work throughout the year all over the state to support the work staff and volunteers do in Sacramento to advance sound policies that protect California's air, water, wildlife and forests. Every fall, we come together to share our experiences, what we've learned, and plan for the coming year.
As in past years, the 2015 annual convention will be held in conjunction with the California Nevada Regional Conservation Committee's fall meeting. This provides an excellent opportunity for Sierra Club California activists, especially those new to activism, to meet delegates from all over the state and attend in-depth workshops about some of the most critical environmental issues Club members are addressing.  
The convention is normally held in San Luis Obispo County at a school sleep-away camp that provides inexpensive lodging that allows us to keep costs down. There are also plenty of local motels in the area where you can secure lodging at reasonable rates (Morro Bay, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, etc.) within a 15-minute drive of the camp.
The 2015 convention is being held from Saturday morning, October 10th through midday Sunday, October 11th. Saturday is packed with interesting activities and information, from early morning through the evening. Sunday is usually reserved for elections and other business until adjournment at noon. 
Also, if you would like to help plan or volunteer at the convention, let us know by clicking here.